Opening: Fork x Mucusbubble

Opening: Fork x Mucusbubble

Opening: Fork x Mucusbubble

Opening, was a one night exhibition opening designed to interrogate the social atmosphere of the ‘Opening’. The curatorial collaboration between Fork x Mucusbubble brought together performance, sound, visual and sculptural artists to continually activate the vast warehouse space over the course of the night.

Isabella was invited to overlay a designed experience onto the event which would further activate the involvement of it’s participants. This manifested into an entry experience which held visitors in a stark white cube upon arrival, a visible threshold where they would be inducted into the space with a recording of acknowledgement to country and an instructional invitation to use of the space. The spatial design also included an outdoor seating area which aimed to heighten the visitors awareness the relationship between socialisation and the spectating components of their experience.



    • Claire de Carteret aka. Fork
    • Jesse Rye aka. Mucusbubble


    • Ryley Edwards


    • Rebecca Hall


    • Caramel Sauce (Mel)
    • Eleanor Zurowski
    • Emma Pinset
    • Erica Englert
    • Josh Reeves
    • Lilly Lai
    • Pip Louey
    • Rattus Rat
    • Rebecca Hall