AusDance Residency 2019

This work was developed as part of the AusDance ‘Coomba Park’ Residency in November 2019 and was shown as two separate iterations; first at Carriageworks and then at On the Cusp.

The residency was a tri-disciplinary collaboration which aimed to interface sound with movement in order to expose the regulating systems which guide, confine and inspire the relationships between moving bodies. The work is interested in contrasting the individual with the collaborative, the obedient with the rogue and the structured with the absurd.  



    • Wendy Yu


    • Liliana Occhiuto

    Design & Interaction

    • Isabella Sanasi


    • Karen Kerkhoven

    Moving Bodies

    • Ryuchi Fujimura
    • Paul Walker
    • Gidwah Payten-Griffiths