The books look and blue make up a series of visual narratives which explore the uses and idiosyncrasies of words and playfully interrogates their boundaries. The series creates a space for considering more closely, familiar features of our language which are often not given the time to be observed and enjoyed. Each book takes the time to luxuriate in small provocations about language—when is a look no longer a look, but a glance? What exactly turns a look into a stare? How scathing or focused does that stare need to be before it becomes a glare? And then what exactly is needed to distinguish looking from watching, squinting, peeking, glimpsing, seeing or noticing?

Look & Blue were made as outputs of Isabella’s Visual Communications honours thesis, in which she explored relationships between language and visualisation. Using a small collection of Australian literature, various text analysis processes were used to inform the observations and insights represented in the books Look & Blue.



  • Dr. Kate Sweetapple


  • University of Technology Sydney