ULTRAVIRUS was a one day edutainment festival held in Sydney in Nov 2018. Divided into two parts DAY & NIGHT the programming of academics, artists, performers and DJs between day and night culminated into a multi-sensory learning experience which interrogated and celebrated the internet.

Isabella was invited to design a space for ULTRAVIRUS NIGHT. The space was designed to be a place to ruminate and debate the learnings of the day and take relief from the motion & audio stimulation of the night. The space extended on themes explored in Ondine Manfrin’s ASMR performance which explored our relationship with the internet as a clinical diagnosis, tinged with a gentle nourishing humour. The space was intended as a sort of laboratory, both cold and cooling, filled with objects which synthesised aspirations of self-betterment.



    • Ella Parkes-Talbot
    • Thorsten Hertog


    • Gian Luca Amoroso


    • Oliver Sanasi
    • Margot Tucker