WoCo 2017/18 — I'm Not Sorry: Magazine

WoCo 2017/18 — I'm Not Sorry: Magazine

WoCo 2017/18 — I'm Not Sorry: Magazine

I’M NOT SORRY was the 2017/18 edition of the UTS Women’s Collective magazine. The issue theme I’M NOT SORRY sought to turn up the volume on the voices being represented, with written, visual and editorial work being made up of work from around 50 women identifying contributors.

Isabella worked alongside Ella Barrowclough to develop the issues design principles, coordinate artistic contributors, produce final layouts and promote the issue launch event.

  • This magazine is designed with the intention to be accessible to those who find other publications inaccessible. Each piece is set in 12pt and at a lower contrast to allow the reading experience to be available to all
  • As a publication which seeks to elevate and celebrate the voices of women, every font you see in this magazine was designed by a woman or non-binary person. We have used Rosart designed by Katharina Köhler, Wile Roman designed by Cynthia Hollandsworth and Eskapade Fraktur designed by Veronika Burian.
  • You as the reader should feel involved and valued in the magazine. You are not just a reader but a contributor. Our cover is a collection of voices, both from our editorial team and you as the audience.
  • Use colours and imagery that to aim to shrug off conventional and harmful stereotypes. E.g. Pink has not been denied, but it is used sparingly.
  • None of us should be sorry and we say this together

Our design principles involved defining a set of guidelines which embodied the publications key values:



  • Aryan Golanjan


  • Ella Barrowclough
  • Isabella Sanasi
  • Leanne Nguyen


  • Bernice Datu
  • B. T. Burton
  • Chelsea Hui
  • Chloe Malmoux-Setz
  • Georgina Goddard
  • Susanna Li


  • Ali Chalmers Braithwaite
  • Alyssa Rodrigo
  • Akina Lam
  • Anna Fuchs
  • Ariel Ruby
  • Chelsea Abbot
  • Daniële Hromek
  • Eden Payne
  • Ella Sanderson
  • Emily Galicek
  • Emily Nunell
  • Hannah Tavener Hanks
  • Hway Yap
  • Isabella Sanasi
  • Isabella Spagnolo
  • Janey Li
  • Sarah Spilsbury
  • Stella Thai
  • Ting He
  • Tor Wills
  • Lily Wharton